Frontier Lawyer, by Lawrence L. Blaine (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Jake Kilgore was defending the son of the territory's richest and most powerful man. The charge -- MURDER!

McCandless crossed the cell.

"It was bad enough that you brought that girl out there," he cried. "But to give her your mother’s ring! The Lucero ring! Harry, why? Why? The Lucero blood goes back for three hundred years in this land. Is this what it comes down to? This cell, the gallows out in the yard? Is this the end of the McCandless line?"

He groaned and turned to Kilgore with fierce eyes of hatred. "Stop 'em, Kilgore! Stop ’em or I will! If they touch one hair of my boy’s head, I’ll kill 'em -- the whole pack! There was blood once in this land. Blood will run again! I swear it on my soul, on my hope for redemption."