Mac Detective Series 04: The Mean Streets, by Thomas B. Dewey

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"Thomas B. Dewey is one of detective fiction's severely underrated writers!" -- Bill Pronzini

"Gripping, realistic, and compelling." -- Chicago Sunday Tribune

It started with murder and ended with murder. Along the way there were muggings and dope and stolen cars and other assorted violences that might have been committed by juveniles. But this wasn't kid stuff. It became apparent that someone very ruthless was behind it all. That's when they decided to hire Mac.

"Mac has been called one of the most believable and humane PI's in crime fiction. He is reluctant to use either his gun or his fists, but will do so when the situation demands it, or in self-defense; he doesn't merely solve his clients' cases, but provides moral support and sympathy as well; and perhaps most notable of all, Mac feels, and is not afraid to show itópain, loss, sorrow, loneliness."

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