Space Pioneer, by Mack Reynolds (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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"New Arizona a lush, virgin planet teeming with rich vegetation and a vast hoard of mineral wealth. A company had been formed to colonise and exploit it, and the spaceship Titov set out with the Board of Directors and two thousand colonists. And shortly after the trip had begun, the trouble started.

The Board of Directors was only interested in the vast profits that could be made by stripping the planet of its natural resources which could be sold to the highest bidder. Not for them the gradual establishment of a pioneer community, of farmlands and villages. The Colonists had given up everything by leaving Earth, and they wanted a new planet where they could work, prosper and establish a new and better way of life. They were determined to thwart the directors by any means they could find. And after landing on New Arizona, someone smashes the radio and sabotages the life-craft.

Now the balance is more even—but when a real crisis erupts it seems as if neither side will be alive to win!"