The Buffalo Bill MEGAPACK™: 5 Classic Books About Buffalo Bill Cody (ePub/Kindle)

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Few people represent the spirit of the Old West like Colonel William "Buffalo Bill" Cody! From Indian fights to buffalo hunts to his now-legendary touring Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill brought the legend of the Wild West to the world. Modern readers can enjoy the larger-than-life hero through "The Buffalo Bill MEGAPACK™," which assembles 5 classic works on the life of Buffalo Bill: "Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood," by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham; "The Life and Adventures of Buffalo Bill," by Col. William F. Cody; "Last of the Great Scouts," by Holen Cody Wetmore; "Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express," by Elmer Sherwood; and "An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W.F. Cody)," by Buffalo Bill. Great fun for fans of the American Old West!

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