The Pulp Crime MEGAPACK®: 25 Noir Mysteries (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Here are 25 great noir crime and mystery stories by some of the top fictioneers of the 20th century, ripped from the pages of such magazines as The Black Mask Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Secret Agent X, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Spicy Detective Stories -- and many more! Hours of great reading await...if you dare proceed!

  • LET HER KILL HERSELF, by Rufus King
  • THE SPENT DAYS, by Fletcher Flora
  • CONSOLATION PRIZE, by Stephen Wasylyk
  • SPECIAL DELIVERY, by James Holding
  • A CHANGE OF HEART, by Talmage Powell
  • THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHIEF, by Lincoln Steffens
  • BODY RANSOM, by Arthur Wallace
  • THE DEBT COLLECTOR, by Maurice Level
  • HAPPY ENDING, by Rufus King
  • --GOOD-BYE, SWEET WORLD, by Bryce Walton
  • WHITEMAIL, by Joyce Kilmer
  • GETTING RID OF GEORGE, by Robert Arthur
  • JURY OF ONE, by Talmage Powell
  • LET'S GO TO A FUNERAL, by James Michael Ullman
  • THE CONFESSION, by Maurice Level
  • LIVE BAIT, by Harley L. Court
  • HEIST IN PIANISSIMO, by Talmage Powell
  • FLOWERS FOR MR. VECCHI, by Larry Allan
  • NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, by James Michael Ullman
  • MARKED IN RED, by Ralph Powers
  • SOMETHING PRICELESS, by Fletcher Flora
  • BODY ON THE BEACH, by Arthur Wallace
  • FOUND GUILTY, by Josiah Flynt & Francis Walton
  • THE WHISPERING CORPSE, by Richard B. Sale