The Second Pulp Crime MEGAPACK®: 25 More Noir Mysteries

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Here is a selection of tales that fit the "pulp crime" theme to perfection. They feature private investigators, police officers, and even everyday men and women pushed into extraordinary situations. From lowly bars to city streets to suburbia, no place is safe from the pulp crime writer -- and here are crimes galore, by some of the top magazine writers of the 20th century! Included are 25 great tales:

  • MURDER ON HER MIND, by Rufus King
  • PAPER CAPER, by James Holding
  • MIND OVER MAYHEM, by Mack Reynolds
  • LOOSE ENDS, by Fletcher Flora
  • A LONG ROPE, by Archie Oboler 
  • YOUR CRIME IS MY CRIME, by Talmage Powell
  • LUCKY BREAK, by Will F. Jenkins
  • A DEVIL’S HIGHBALL, by G. T. Fleming-Roberts
  • BIRTHDAY PARTY, by Bryce Walton
  • KILLER BE GOOD, by Talmage Powell
  • A DEAD CLUE, by David Nowinson
  • WHEN DOUBLES CROSS, by George V. Miller
  • FLOPHOUSE COURT, by Hapsburg Liebe
  • HANDY MAN, By Fletcher Flora
  • TURNABOUT, by Colby Quinn
  • AN EXERCISE IN INSURANCE, by James Holding
  • THE CRIMSON COMPLEX, by G. T. Fleming-Roberts
  • ACTOR’S SHOWCASE, by Bryce Walton
  • HEAT FROM TEXAS, by W.W. McKenna
  • MURDER GAME, by Archie Oboler
  • HOPHEAD HOMICIDE, by Robert Carlton
  • NIGHT SCENE, by Jerome Severs Perry
  • FATAL FACIAL, by Cary Moran
  • WAKE UP AND DIE, by Robert Turner