The Walls Came Tumbling Down , by Jo Eisinger (epub/Kindle/pdf)

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When Father Walsh went to see D'Arcy, notorious gossip columnist, about a sinister stranger who wanted two old Bibles and talked about the Walls of Jericho, his story was so fantastic he sounded as if he were out of his mind. Police, too, thought he was -- especially when they later found him hanging by his neck in his home. They called it suicide. But D'Arcy called it murder.

D'Arcy was right. Murder it was. and the story of how D'Arcy, a lovely girl, a gang of vicious swindlers, art dealers, and questionable lawyers got tangled up in a plot involving practically everything unlawfull -- including grave robbing, violence, larceny, and murder -- makes some of the smoothest, most excititing and entertaining mystery reading you've done in some time... It's a "must"!