Visible and Invisible, by E.F. Benson (epub/Kindle)

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"Mr. Benson’s volume, Visible and Invisible, contains several stories of singular power; notably “Negotium Perambulans”, whose unfolding reveals an abnormal monster from an ancient ecclesiastical panel which performs an act of miraculous vengeance in a lonely village on the Cornish coast, and “The Horror-Horn,” through which lopes a terrible half-human survival dwelling on unvisited Alpine peaks. “The Face”, in another collection, is lethally potent in its relentless aura of doom." -- H.P. Lovecraft

E.F. Benson's classic collection of ghost stories includes the following tales:

“And the Dead Spake——”
The Outcast
The Horror-Horn
Negotium Perambulans ...
At the Farmhouse
Inscrutable Decrees
The Gardener
Mr. Tilly’s Séance
Mrs. Amworth
In the Tube
Roderick’s Story

Includes a new introduction.